Comments by Rebecca McCann: 
As Chairperson of the Mattapoisett Cultural Council, I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave Englund for the past four years and experiencing his studious and responsible work as a member of the Council.

I am a member of the Mattapoisett Area Artists which David started in May, 2009.
The group now has 25 members including  painters, sculptors, schrimshaw artists, photographers and a quiller.  The group meets monthly and focuses on the presentation and critiquing of members' recent work, trips to a gallery to sketch live models, and discussions of the history of art.  During the past Summer the artists exhibited their creations at a gallery located in Mattapoisett and have plans to continue that practice again during the Summer of 2011.

"these are great pieces of art, and you have encompassed a mystique
 to your sculptures by appproaching them with the 'less is more approach' and it simply works."    joshua martins

"This sounds great, and I like the Douglass sculpture."
Best, John Stauffer

"I was interested to read the "Simpson" article about your sculpturing. Your work looks excellent and you should be proud of your talent."

Bob Downing

"Amazing work! I particularly like Frank Lloyd Wright"

Susan Frazier

"Your website featuring your wonderful sculpturing was marvelous. What a talent you possess - the detail is amazing"

Regards from Bridgewater
Pat Cunningham

"Your sculptures are beautiful, I liked Leonardo more than the others because of the seasoned face. The poem is thought provoking. You get the simplicity of love across as well as the profoundness. Thanks for sharing!"

Cindy Tardif

"Dear Professor Englund, I met you tonight at the Whaling Museum in New Bedford. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I was moved by the fact that you were available at the side of your work (the sculpture of Herman Melville), that you reached out to me to discuss it, and that you included my kids.......Art in so many forms is crtical to our culture and hope it never gets lost in
this ever changing society....."

Dana McMahon