To the End of the Earth

As the aging philosopher was boarding his ship,
a beautiful woman reached out and touched his hand.
She knew his destination would take him from her,
perhaps never to return, so she boldly asked him,
“Do you love me”? The philosopher hesitated a moment,
then responded with several eloquent questions
about the meaning of love, brushed his hand
along her arm and smiled. The woman bravely told him
that although she appreciated his rhetorical comments
she was not seeking a discussion, and wanted to know
“Do you love me as a person”? There was a spark
of awareness in the eyes of the elderly man and as he
held her in his arms and looked into her eyes, he said,
“I, like the poets who become submerged in their poems
and not in themselves, have gotten lost in my dialectic.”
My answer to your question is “Of course I love you,
passionately and spiritually, with a love that knows no end
in time or space, to the end of the earth and beyond.”
He then resumed his way up to the deck of the departing ship.
                                                                                                    d englund